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Version: 0.10

Render the Movie

In this section, you'll learn how to render your movie. You can render your movie to a <canvas> element, stream it with WebRTC or record it to a Blob.

Render to Canvas

To render your movie to the provided <canvas> element and the movie's audio context, you can use the play() method: => {
console.log('Movie finished playing!');


To stream your movie with WebRTC, you can use the stream() method:{
frameRate: 30,
onStart: (stream: MediaStream) => {

// Use `stream`
}).then(() => {
console.log('Stream reached the end or was interrupted')

Record to Blob

To record your movie to a Blob, you can use the record() method:

frameRate: 30,
}).then(blob => {
console.log('Movie finished recording!');
console.log('Blob:', blob);


This concludes the tutorial. You can now create movies with Etro!